On a journey to the Whole.

Hi, I'm Gabriela.

With over 5 years of Tarot research and reading, I have specialized my craft in Jungian depth psychology and existential philosophy.

My work has been and still is supported all this time by practicing daily mindfulness: yoga, meditation, painting, introspection and dream journaling.

During my studies (BA in Art of Acting, Art Therapy Foundation Course), I:

– practiced my intuition and ability to understand what a person really means to say underneath the words they use;
-found out that motivations are conscious and justifiable decisions or more often they are merely instinctual manifestations of either fear or love.

-kept my awareness awake and fought through self-criticism;
-exercised my imagination through play, play-reading and character analysis,

zooming out to understand points of view and different perspectives;
-I discovered that everything we experience and surrounds us, influences our in-the-now decision-making process.

-Learned that failure exists just to keep me growing. Mistake is a door to unleash creativity.

- I understood that my limited time here on Earth is the best trigger to sort myself out and no longer postpone joy.
There is no principle, purpose, belief, opinion, idea or any external influence better or worthier to fight for than inner peace, light heart and clarity of mind.

The holistic approach refers to the human being as a whole which is to integrate

the mind, soul, body.

We live in an era when these seem to contradict themselves. We want to be thin but we love to eat a lot, we exercise at the gym but we forget about books, we want to be free but we feel lost without values or beliefs.

We have a great rewarding job but no time to spend the money. We have a plan but life happens and we never get the chance to complete it.

There’s always something missing, a feeling of an inner void waiting to be filled with meaning, there’s always the illusion of “what if” that haunts us to insomnia.

While dreaming away about how could our lives be better, we forget to really be grateful and truly happy with what we already have achieved.
No matter how many things you own or challenges you have conquered, unless you look inside and recapitulate to feel at ease, reaching deep happiness might still remain just a goal.

    “Whoever wishes to see the world truly, to rise in thought above the tyranny of practical desires, must learn to overcome the difference of attitude towards past and future, and to survey the whole stream of time in one comprehensive vision.”

– Bertrand Russell.


A customized Tarot Reading from Wholistic Avenue is NOT about fortune-telling.

My belief is that there's no more suitable person to tell you what to do, than you.

So I'm here to help you figure it all out by yourself, understand yourself and others.

The range of benefits you gain from a Tarot Reading at Wholistic Ave., start from

refining self-awareness to regaining the sense of belonging,

from inner clarity to better understanding archetypal human behavior.

When blockages or confusions appear, a reading is there to unlock potential and broaden perspectives over situations that seem unchangeable.   

WIth the help of Tarot Cards that act like symbolic characters, or archetypes, we zoom out and detach emotionally from the situation you can’t see a way out from, to interpret a bigger picture in which it may exist.  

A Reading brings us to a creative philosophical level of speech that helps overcome inner contradictory voices. This type of speech also helps differentiate the observer mind.    Getting used to observe the ever-changing nature of reality, we become more inclined to understand rather than oppose the unpredictable events happening to us.

Making sense of what is going on around us is a task one has to embrace for gaining an expanded consciousness.   

We understand that the human spectrum of perception is larger than what the conscious mind can observe at a time, so we become ready to switch our focus to the content that’s been there all the while, but hidden from conscious attention.   

Acknowledging the paradoxes of everyday life by accepting the polar nature of perception, we overcome contradictions and integrate them into a whole synthesis that restores inner and outer balance. Decision-making becomes effortless.

We restore the long-lost playful energy and curiosity needed to face the unpredictable future in an optimistic and confident manner.   

"Our embodied consciousness is the in-between, it is neither entirely in me, nor in my mind, nor is it out there in the world of objects. Consciousness is a phenomenon of bringing the world to light. It hovers in between things and me.
Things are never set in one way, they are never confined to a single precise location nor can they only be interpreted in one single way.”
– Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Enjoy the ride!

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